$79 Safety check

Get your comprehensive electrical  safety check for just $79 

This is a real safety check that will help you to protect yourself and your family against potential electrical and fire hazards. A qualified electrician will spend up to an hour assessing every aspect of your electrical installation, including testing your fire alarms and potentially hazardous appliances

The following parts of your installation will be assessed:

  • Main switchboard and accesories

  • All cabling including mains, consumer mains, switchboard and internal installation

  • Power outlets and switches

  • Smoke detectors and appliances

As a bonus, smoke detector batteries will be tested and if worn out replaced at the cost of $10 (Alkaline batt included) 

You will have the opportunity to meet your local Sydney inner west electrician and get professional advice on any questions or projects you may have

Book an appointment today by sending us an email using the link below or at info@tillman.com.au

Find out more about the safety check at FAQ's page








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