LED Downlights


LED VS Halogen 

Halogen downlights were a very popular lighting choice in the 90’s. Whilst they are a warm white, bright light, they have a number of major drawbacks.

The most common misconception with low voltage halogen downlights is that they use less energy. The word “low” in the title would lead one to think that. However most halogen downlights that are used in homes are 50 watts.

The average lounge room needs approximately 6-10 halogen downlights to illuminate it, this translates to 300-500 watts, The average bedroom 4 halogens, this translates to 200 watts, Add up the bedrooms and living areas in your home and this could translate to a lighting power consumption of approximately up to 2000 watts for the average 3-4  bedroom home during peak hour

The Equivalent in LED terms would be approximately 500watt, that's 1/4 of the power usage (based on 12watt LED down lights)

LED Downlights will make significantly more light as well and so brighten up areas of your home

Inappropriately installed halogen down lights are also one of the main causes of house fires in Australia. They run at roughly 300 degrees celcius, and if they are not adequately ventilated, and protected from coming in contact with combustible materials they can easily start a fire. All halogen downlights should be fitted with a heat guard, and should be clear of insulation and building materials.

Halogen lights are high maintenance. Their service life is not much better than the old incandescent bulbs...

Overall Halogen downlights they are expensive to run, dangerous if not installed correctly, and have high maintenance costs.

Take our advice, LED's tick all the boxes: Safety. Cost. Reliability.

We would highly recommend you get in touch with your local electrician to do an audit of your halogen lighting, to see how energy efficient downlights could make your home safer, and your energy bills lower.

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