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Welcome to Tillman Electrical services, your local inner west electrician

Tillman electrical is your local inner west electrician for all your electrical needs.

We proudly  have been servicing the area for the last five years and are very familiar with every corner of the inner west. as a result, we have dealt with the many challenges of the electrical installations in this part of town

At Tillman electrical we strive to give you the best service possible. therefore, we will work around your availability  and within your budget. Our Professional electrical Installationsmaintenance and repairs will not disappoint 

Take a look at the list of our many electrical services. Perhaps that will help to see if we are the right people for your job.

Tillman Electrical is a small local business you can trust. You will benefit directly from the following list of things that, frankly, big corporations just do not offer.

These are some of the things we offer

  • Fast response, deal directly with the owner

  • Free on-site quoting 

  • Your small and medium sized electrical Job is valued, as a consequence it will be given the attention it deserves, and not overlooked because we have "bigger fish to fry"

  • LED Lighting will help you to reduce your energy bill. Through this you can lower the carbon footprint that your home is leaving behind. in other words, you will worry less about leaving the lights running all night. The Installation and retrofitting of  LED downlights is one of our specialities.

  • We are Solution focused, get the results you want, without breaking the bank 

  • Based in Leichhardt, the Inner West is our hood , we offer an professional and timely service in the area 

  • Safety focused, Licensed and insured. All installations and repairs are covered by a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

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Tillman Electrician

Phone: 0423631343

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 Leichhardt NSW 

LIC: 292845C

ABN: 60383515412

Electrical Services

Residential maintenance electrician

We can replace and fix almost everything that works with electricity around the house, garage, garden, Office or shop. Strata committees are welcome. Our aim is to find solutions to every electrical problem.

Lighting improvements which will improve the quality of live in your home

LED lighting is trending and we will Advise you on how to upgrade your lights to LED and therefore reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. It is not nice living in the dark, especially if your home does not get a lot of daylight. We would like to help you designing your lighting plan

LED Downlights

Power Point installations and replacement

Power points tend to be in the wrong place and are often scarce in old homes, these days we want more power outlets and USB charger outlets, We can install new outlets for you and replace all those old faded or malfunctioning outlets for you

Power points installations and replacement  Click for more info

Switchboard installations, Upgrades and renewals

When the switchboard is not working correctly, the safety of your home is under thread. Many switchboards in Sydney are too old to be compliant. Together with our authorised Level 2 service provider we can can do any switchboard work for you. including Meterbox upgrades, Main switchboard, Service fuse upgrades, Mains cabling, Points of attachment and Power poles.

intercom systems and cameras to improve the safety and security of your home

The use of Cameras is getting widespread these days and it's easy to get some wireless cameras  down at Bunnings or JB-hifi. To monitor the safety of your home, batteries are not a good option, It is best to have cameras hardwired or connected to a power point (if wireless) to avoid changing batteries frequently. 

Ceiling fans to cool down the air in those hot summer days

Ceiling fans are the best way to cool down without warming up the planet even more. DC fans use as little as 20w to spin, and are whisper quiet. They really make those hot summer nights a little more enjoyable. With way over 200 fans installed, we have seen pretty much every scenario and can rest assured, get a solid ceiling fan installation done for you. 

Kitchen and Bathroom renovations

We do all kinds of home renovations including kitchen and bathroom renovations. The kitchen is the place of your home were most power is used and it is important to plan the circuit arrangements very well to avoid having trouble in the future. We can also do appliance replacement and installations for you. such as electric Ovens, Stoves, Induction cooktops, Hot water and heating appliances.

Safety switches

Everyone should have safety switches in their switchboard, current rules indicate that every circuit of your installation should be connected to a safety switch. Most old installations will only have safety switches on their power circuits and many installations will not have any at all.

We can easily perform a safety inspection, to check the condition of your electrical installation. This includes checking your fire alarms and safety switches and the condition of the wiring in your home. like that, we can offer you a good plan to get rid of potential hazards and bring the safety of your installation up to specs 

Also call us for troublesome power outages caused by tripping fuses and safety switches we are experts at troubleshooting and Fault Finding. We will always do our best to help out should an emergency come up.

Home entertainment

Home entertainment has become complex and we are quiet familiar with all your needs, from HDMI connections, TV wall mounts, Antenna outlets and Data cabling, we will have a solution for most of these little problems




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"We have used Tillman for all our electrical needs at Vella by KV Hair Salon. Tillman has always been extremely punctual, reliable, well priced & most of all delivers excellent work that works!"
Vella by KV

"Till is an amazing tradesman, I would recommend him to anyone. Not only does he do quality work, he is courteous and kind. So good to find someone who you can trust. 100% would recommend"                              

Justine Wilcox (home owner)

"Tillman did a great job replacing all of our old halogen lights with energy efficient LEDs. He provided good advice, was flexible with installation times, punctual and cleaned up after he finished. Highly recommended"

Shane McClelland (home owner)

Tillman Electrician

Phone: 0423631343

Email: info@tillman.com.au

 Leichhardt NSW 

LIC: 292845C

ABN: 60383515412